How to Crack SSC CGL Exam in First Attempt

SSC CGL exam is one of the high level exams in India. This exam is conducted by SSC each year for those candidates who are looking for the upper level government jobs in India. Many people dream of passing this exam, but they do not know which books to use and how to make a time table to crack this exam, so they are not able to crack this exam and Always ask the same question that How to Crack SSC CGL Exam in First Attem

With complete knowledge of SSC CGL Syllabus, right preparation strategy, good reference books, and proper practice, you can crack SSC CGL in first attempt.

In this article, we’re going to provide all the tips and strategies for the candidates who want to crack SSC CGL Exam 2023.

Tips to Crack SSC CGL Exam in First Attempt

If you want to crack SSC CGL in the first attempt then you can go through the below mentioned tips and strategies. These tips and strategies will help you to crack the SSC CGL 2023 exam.

1. Check complete syllabus

If you want to crack the SSC CGL exam in the first attempt, then first go read out the complete SSC CGL syllabus, then you must read the entire syllabus, then they get to know that from which questions can be asked in SSC CGL. Check the questions of the last 3-4 years SSC CGL Exam Papers carefully once, if you find any important question underline them.

2. Make a Study Plan

Make a time table of your daily routine, in which your time table is only related to study; make a resolution decision that we have to pass in this exam. Candidates make a SSC CGL Study Plan which includes the topics and sections that you need to complete at a specific time and per day.

Your study plan should have both short term and long term goals

Set priorities for daily tasks and lessons

Include previous year papers in your study plan

You must also include one mock test/previous year paper in their study plan.

Set priorities for daily tasks and lessons.

Choose Limited Study Materials and Books

It is also important to know how to minimize the use of study references and books to crack SSC CGL exam in first attempt. There are many such books in the market in which the knowledge of many books is given in a single book.

One such comprehensive resource platform is the Smart book series of SSC books by Test book, where you will find 4500+ questions, expert study notes and chapter-wise questions for the best.

Attempt Latest Mock Tests

For the preparation of SSC CGL, it is necessary to revise the papers of the last 3-4 years, in them you can see how the questions come in the exam paper, the mock test is the key to success, and it gives a lot of knowledge. It will be even easier to fight the real exam with mock tests.

Focus on Your Weak Areas

SSC CGL is a competitive exam in which all the candidates will be judged on the basis of marks. For this, you must focus on his weaknesses and work on them on daily basis. It means the candidates who are working on their weak areas will move ahead in this competitive exam.

Learn to deal with stress

You may feel stressed/bored or lethargic at times during your preparation. However, you have to keep going despite the stress. To deal with stress, you can follow these stress management techniques:

Do yoga or do a simple exercise every morning

When stressed, concentrate your attention and take long breaths.

Revise regularly

It is very important to revise your syllabus daily, because one thing does not remain stable in the mind for a long time. Unless you revise things, there is no point in your studies. Regular revision transforms your short-term memory into long-term memory.

Keep Yourself Motivated

It is very important to motivate yourself to be successful in life, because when negative thoughts surround your mind, and then you don’t feel like doing anything than life seems useless. For this, watch maximum motivational videos and always motivate yourself. Be positive, pay less attention to unnecessary things and focus on your target.

Whenever you are sad or something is troubling you then you can discuss it with your family or apart from this you can listen to songs, it gives peace to the mind.

Important Books for SSC CGL 2023

Given below are some of the best books for all the subjects which you must refer to crack SSC CGL in the first attempt.

For English Language – Objective General English by S.P.Bakshi and A mirror of Common Errors by A.K Singh

For Quantitative Aptitude – Magical Books On Quicker Maths by M-Tyra and SSC Mathematics 5800+ by Kiran Publication

For General Intelligence & Reasoning – Lucent Reasoning by Arihant Publication

For General Awareness – Lucent G.K. by Dr Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul

Steps of Success for SSC CGL Aspirants

First you have to create a right attitude

Having the right study material for preparation

It is very important to have a time table

Right strategy

Correct amount of revision

Lots of hard work

You can be successful only after having all these.

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